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The Theft of Galgos

Theft of Galgos is an big problem in the galgueros’ (hunters owning Galgos) world.

According to the police, the Galgo is the most frequently stolen canine breed in Spain. The Spanish police speaks of 1200 Galgo thefts in 1998 but we estimate this suspect that this number is just the top of the ice berg, about 20%.

In general the hunters consider of no use a declaration of theft for a dog that most probably nobody will never find anymore. That’s why we insist in the dogs’ identification so that the owners can find them in case of theft. For sure it’s only the best racing dogs that are victims of theft, as thieves don’t care about the less successful ones (those are rather left behind or abandoned with Scooby). That’s why we presume that there is a mafia-like organization behind the thefts as they know very well which Galgos to take.

Everybody in Spain knows about these remote sheds where stolen racing dogs are for sale. It even happens that Galgos are stolen during the race. The thieves hide along the racing ground and catch the dogs when they pass by. The dogs are then taken away at full speed in a four wheels drive car, a very dangerous operation. Quite often the kidnappers are Gipsies who resell certain dogs to farmers and keep some of them as hunting dogs for themselves.

According to some galguéros the dogs are used several times, up to complete exhaustion. Then they are left behind or worse. And the theft of other dogs continues. It’s well known what happens to the stolen Galgos. They are sent from Castile and from where we are located to the South, to Madrid, Toledo and Andalusia. The dogs stolen in Toledo are going north to Castile and those stolen in Andalusia end up in Extremadura and vice versa. Rumours say that some dogs possibly pass the border but that’s not proven yet.

Visiting our website you will find that the Galgos are in a very complicated situation and that solutions are not easy to find. We know the story of Galgo-thefts from the galgueros. As the Galgos cannot be identified, we are convinced that the stolen ones can never return to their owners.

Hereafter we tell you a story that’s told in the Galgo world. This is how hunters, owning a stolen Galgo, try to win the dogs’ confidence so that he doesn’t try to escape. First the dog’s locked in in complete darkness without any food for 2 to 3 days. Then the dog’s freed and has to drink milk mixed with the urine of his new owner. Thus the dog accepts the person and considers him as his new master.

There’s no proof how true this story is, but what’s sure is that the Spanish authorities’ laxity towards armed hunters with stolen dogs who break the hunting laws (e.g. by hunting hares in kid) will soon result in disruption of public order.

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