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Profile Information

Please read this information carefully before viewing available dogs:

Scooby assesses each dog physically and emotionally when they arrive at the shelter. The descriptions of the dogs are based on their personality at the shelter and could change in a home atmosphere.

We rate the dogs personality using the star Star rating system.

Personality with: Female Dogs; Male Dogs; Cats; Socialized with adults and older children, Socialized with young children.

Cautious = Star

Most likely = Star Star

Almost sure = Star Star Star

Unknown = NOT TESTED

  • Due to the large number of dogs at the shelter, they are NOT all tested with small animals (cats & dogs) unless specifically requested.
  • Dogs that have NOT been tested with small animals (cats & small dogs) are marked: NOT TESTED.
  • Dogs that have been tested with small animals (cats & small dogs) are marked with the appropriate results from the test.
  • We emphasize that the environment in the shelter is different than in a home and even though a dog may not show any interest in a cat or small dog at the shelter, it could change its mind once in the home.
  • We don’t have the possibilities to test the dogs on small children. The rating “social with small children” is always an assessment. Please be cautious when introducing your new dog to small animals and children. For safety, you may wish to have your dog wear a muzzle and a cat in a crate when first introducing your animals. In each case, never leave your children and pets unattended! No matter how much you trust your pet, each pet has its breaking point and young children have no developed conscience and sense of fear. Please speak to your adoption group for more information on how to introduce your new animals in your home.

Special Needs

Some dogs have special needs – emotionally or physically.

We rate the dogs’ emotional needs using this system.

Insecure = Star

Timid = Star Star

Very timid = Star Star Star

Some of the dogs are very timid but over time they begin to trust people and become social with humans and/or dogs.

If there is a dog that you are interested in that has “Special Needs”, please ask us if there has been a change in this dog. There is a good chance that they have adjusted at the shelter and will make a very lovely pet.

senior = senior

Other Information

If there is a special story to tell, such as a special rescue or medical condition, we will include it in the description. However, most of the dogs have been either dropped off at the shelter or found running loose in the streets. Some of them have been rescued from the local pounds. Therefore, age is also in most of the cases an estimate made by people who are used to working with dogs under these conditions. Estimates made by your local vets may vary.

Support After Adoption

If at any point there is a problem with your dog or cat, we urge you to contact the group that you adopted them from or contact us. We will speak with you and try to help you with any problems that may arise in the home. The most important thing to remember is patience. With patience, love and proper care, you will have a lovely pet!

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