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SOS Levriers Petition

An online Petition protesting about cruelty Galgos and Podencos in Spain has been started by SOS Levriers. Through the petition SOS Levriers hopes to achieve the following goals:

  • that Galgos,Podencos and other breeds of hunting dogs may no longer suffer the physical and mental cruelty which is inflicted on them as a "tradition" in Spain.
  • that all these dogs may live with dignity in their own country.
  • that the number of international rescues may finally decrease.


Campaign for City Council of Godella
to allow a decent shelter

The aim is to ensure that, once and for all, the City Council of Godella allows the animal welfare association for cats and dogs, SPAG (Society for the Protection of Animals in Godella) have a decent shelter and running on a regular basis.

This topic has been not less than 10 years old, in which the SPAG is claiming land for the municipality. Different political groups have being passing along the Consistory and the response has ranged from total indifference, through forced eviction and again indifference.

Now the last straw is because the municipality intends to install a riding club on the same grounds that the SPAG claimed. In the press release attached is explained in detail. In Valencia, governing Law 4 / 94 which protects places of extermination of dogs and cats (eg. La Pinada or kennel Commonwealth). As of an honest animal welfare association it is, SPAG is working beyond their means, in a permanent state of saturation and abject insecurity.


Help us save Spanish Greyhounds by signing the following petition:

To Mrs Cristina Narbona, Environment Minister of Spain,

We are deeply moved and outraged by the terrible treatments and the cruel acts that greyhounds and "podencos" are enduring in Spain. In fact a tremendous number of hunters owning and breeding animals use cruel and savage ways to get rid of them as soon as they don’t need them anymore. That way they end their already miserable lives.

Wounded, beaten, mutilated, greyhounds are left to horrifying agonies, all under the cover of so call "traditions". Well, it’s high time they went beyond these "traditions" as the 21st century begins.

That’s the reason why we appeal to the Spanish Government to ban as quickly as possible the practice of hunting with greyhounds, as it’s already been decided in most of European Union countries.

A reaction is urgent once and for all against all kinds of cruelties endured by these kind, gentle and elegant dogs: they offer their masters great affection and services, but in reward these give them the worse corporal punishments.

In order to obtain the banning for the use of greyhounds and podencos for hunting, please sign our petition.

Kathi Backes, Presidente de SOS Levriers


Sign for the tortured galgos in Spain

About 50,000 galgos die every year in Spain in the hands of their owners, after being used for hunting. Spain is the only European country where hunting with galgo is allowed. At the end of the hunting season, when a galgo does not run at the same speed, hunters kill hem by shooting them, throw them to wells, hang them, put an injection, they break the spinal marrow to them or they burn them alive. Recently, they also drown them.

Amnistía Animal is gathering signatures to get that the abolition of hunting with galgos becomes a reality in Spain. We need a million signatures for it.

Thus, I ask you some minutes of your time to give yours to:


Sign for the rights of the non-hunters

Ecologists in Action has begun collecting signatures from all persons who are declared NON-HUNTERS. That is, contrary to hunting and calling for the same rights enjoyed by hunters. The registration of people is very important to join the voices of people contrary to these ruthless, polluting and retrograde practices.

Registration requires the following points:

  • I Publicly declare my status is not a hunter.
  • Grievance my right to enjoy nature without being subject to threats and the noise of gunfire from hunters.
  • Grievance my right to roam freely through the spaces and public roads without being subject to the restrictions and obstacles arising from the hunting.
  • I declare my commitment to responsibly enjoy nature without harming it or disturb or harm others or to their lawful property.


Barcelona Kills. Day against Bullfighting

On September 23 the season of bullfighting at the Monumental de Barcelona ended, with the sad and shameful result of 108 bulls executed in a city where the City Council has proclaimed contrary to the bullfights, in a reflection of the majority of citizens representing. For this reason several institutions for the protection and defence of the animals joined forces to make it the Day Against Bullfighting through the streets of Barcelona, which took place throughout the day of the 23rd, the Feast of the Mercè, to demand total abolition of this activity in the city.


Ecologists of Extremadura against Hunting events in Monfragüe National Park

Activists from Extremadura Ecologists have informed visitors of the National Park at Monfragüe about monterías (hunting events) that have been going on in this park, despite the fact that Law 5 / 2007 of the Network of National Parks expressively prohibits this.

This group has launched a protest campaign against on the Internet against these monterías, signed by hundreds of people opposing to what is happening in Monfragüe and other protected areas, where the practice of hunting has a negative impact on the preservation and enjoyment of their natural values.


Help us to save the habitat of the last brown bears of the Cantabrian mountain range: say NO to the station of San Glorio

A business consortium, backed by regional government, is threatening the continued, precarious survival of the Cantabrian brown bear or Oso pardo Cantábrico (Ursus arctos), already catalogued as in danger of extinction in Spain. An unsustainable project to build a ski resort in an important corridor of access for the last remaining bears in the region of the San Glorio pass in the Cordillera Cantábrica mountains of Northern Spain may still be given approval.

Spanish law courts recently vetoed a large-scale type of project but a smaller, just as threatening project could still be put forward. Relatively low altitude and regular windy conditions would ensure the need for water-draining, artificial snow machine use. The local population will not get rich on the occasional weekend of piste skiing a year whilst destroying habitat of bear, Iberian wolf, Capercaillie, Marsh fritillary and Apollo butterflies, among others of the area's natural wildlife and beauty - it's main attraction. (This petition will also be sent to the EU Minister for the Environment.)


"Projecte Llop" Campaign in Defense of the Wolf in Catalonia

The extinction of the wolf in Catalonia took place during second half of century XIX, for this reason, Fundació Fauna presented the Projecte Llop (project wolf), by means it tries the Parliament of the Generalitat of Catalonia to consider once again the wolf as a protected specie but by Law. To present in the Parliament a modification of Law, it is necessary the support of a lot of people.


The donkey of Pero Palo - Villanueva de la Ver, Cáceres

In this celebration, a donkey is put under a terrible humiliation and physical as well as much psychological suffering for more than an hour and average. Before a large multitude, the animal gets to fall several times to the ground without being able to get up again on his own (people raises him from the floor, while saying things like: "he is already dead"), and they even bite his ears to keep him walking.

You can send your protest directly from the page:

Toro de la Vega. Tordesillas

The second Tuesday of September, and an in a curious homage to the Virgen de la Peña, in Tordesillas, Valladolid, takes place on of the most brutality of Spain, that is “El Toro de la Vega”.

The feast consists of leaving a bull running free, ad he is all the time harassed by hundreds of people having persecuted him from the town to the field, on foot or riding a horse, throwing him long lances finished in sharpened leaves of 33 cm. in length, that nail in their body, and sometimes they cross it. The torture can get to last an hour, until the animal exhausted, destroyed and bled by the wounds, collapses. At this moment it becomes ruin to the animal stabbing it in the nape of the neck and the testicles are cut as well as his tail to exhibit them like a trophy got by the town, nailed in the lance of proud matarife. Very often the bull is not yet dead when his tail and ears are cut.

The physical and psychic torment that the animal undergoes has been denounced in several occassions by several associations of defense of the animals without nothing changing despite of the promises of the City council of Tordesillas.

The City council argues that the spectacle is regulated, although does not indicate that this regularización consists of not killing the animal before time (so that diversion is granted for a larger time) nor to use motor vehicles.

Send an email to protest to:

D. Emilio Álvarez Villazán, Alcalde de Tordesillas
Oficina de Turisme de Tordesillas
Excmo. Sr. D. Ramiro F. Ruiz Medrano, President de la Diputació de Valladolid
Area de Promoció Provincial de la Diputació de Valladolid
Excma. Sra. Dª. Silvia Clemente Municio, Consellera de Cultura de la Junta de Castella i Lleó
Canal 4 de Televisió de Valladolid
El Día de Valladolid
Arquebisbat de Valladolid

It is recommended not to insult and to use a correct language and signs. An accusatory text in insult degree, gives arguments for that who receive it despises it.


El toro de Coria

Every year, at the celebration of San Juan in the locality of Coria (Cáceres), the bulls are made to run by a particularly cruel way within the historical old town area until they are locked in a sort of square an used for bullfighting. Tens of people throw darts to the bull, by means of soplillos or blowpipes, for hours. The sharp darts, scenery with paper, nail by all the body of the animal, including nose and eyes.

The bulls of Coria are also known as "the acerico" bulls, in reference to the pads in which the tailors nail their pins, since at the end of the spectacle the animal is fully covered with hundreds of darts that make him look like an acerico plenty of pins. When entering the square, the bull undergoes a spectacular entrance: standing by the door there wait young men, with striker pins decorated with very colorful garlands, to hook them in the nose.

The wall is known like the one "The Scares". When entering further in the square, some more young men wait for him and continue with the same suffering until, after two hours, when the dying animal no longer resists it, ends they kill him by gun shots and his testicles are cut.

Click on this link: Protest Letters

Send an email with your protest to:

D. Joaquín Hurtado Simón, Alcalde de Coria
D. Juan Andrés Tovar Mena, Presidente de la Diputación de Cáceres
Sr. D. Juan Carlos Rodríguez Ibarra, President d'Extremadura
with copy to: "El Periódico de Extremadura"

It is recommended not to insult and to use a correct language and signs. An accusatory text in insult degree, gives arguments for that receiving it despises it.


Replace all experiments with animals
in Europe

The Dr Hadwen Trust for Humane Research, supported by animal and consumer protection groups across Europe*, has launched a major EU-wide petition urging EU legislators to do everything they can to maximise non-animal replacement efforts.

Please sign the petition now - it is vital that we can demonstrate that EU citizens are united in wanting to replace animal experiments in Europe. Replacements have the potential to save millions of laboratory animals and improve the quality of research and testing.


Experimentation with primates

We are the European Coalition to End Animal Experiments (ECEAE) - Europe's leading alliance campaigning peacefully on behalf of laboratory animals.

10,000 primates a year suffer and die in EU laboratories in outdated and immoral experiments. It’s time for them to stop.

The European Commission are currently reviewing the law that governs animal experiments across the whole of the continent. This is a rare opportunity to actually get an official Europe-wide ban on primate tests. But we need your help.


SOS to denounce the shooting of the quail in "celebrations" of Alfacar - Granada

Send a letter of protest to the city council to denounce an activity that causes suffering to the animal, that goes off with a mechanized machine used for the shot to the plate.


End Greyhound Racing - the "Sport" That Kills

Sadly, greyhound racing is not a "sport" about fast dogs, but a state-sanctioned form of gambling ruled by profit. It is inherently cruel to a gentle and ancient breed of dog once favored by nobility. When greyhounds do not run profitably, they are of little use to the racing business. Approximately 20,000 greyhounds are killed each year in the United States alone. Despite racing industry propaganda, the majority of unwanted greyhounds are not placed as pets - there are simply not enough homes for them all.

Since 1990, there have been more than 51 media-documented cases of mistreatment of greyhounds, collectively involving thousands of dogs. These cases include greyhounds shot, abandoned, left starving in their crates, sold for medical experimentation, and even electrocuted.

Many greyhound puppies and youngsters are judged to be of inferior racing quality at birth or during the farm training process. Many owners elect not to continue investing in dogs that demonstrate little potential of making money; the vast majority of those dogs are destroyed on the farm before they ever start a racing career. Young greyhounds that do show promise are individually registered and named before going to a track at about 18 months.

Those greyhounds lucky enough to make it to a racetrack typically live in crates for 18-20 hours per day with exercise limited to only every fourth day or so when they race. Some are left muzzled almost constantly. The dogs are often fed raw meat from diseased livestock rejected by the USDA. In most states, dog racing regulations are essentially concerned with gambling rules; breeding and training farm operations are virtually unregulated.

"The killing will never stop until people realize that it is the 'business' of greyhound racing which fosters and perpetuates the cruelty, no matter how hard they try to separate themselves from it. And it's just that simple. The cruelty will never end until greyhound racing is out of business." - Gary E. Dungan, Executive Director of The Humane Society of Tucson.

We need your help to eliminate the exploitation of racing greyhounds! Join us. Tell President Barak Obama that this cruel activity needs to be banned. And most importantly, don't patronize dog tracks!

Take Action: please sign this petition and visit


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