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Scooby Projects

We are always working on improvements of the facilities in our shelter. It always depends on the available money we have. Normally this is not much, so we mainly depend on sponsors. We have a long list with target projects, and our new idea is to offer this to you, our supporter.

On this page, we will offer you the projects we have in mind, an explanation and an estimate of the expected costs for this project. Of course it is almost impossible to know in advantage how much money we exactly need, but based on our experience with recent projects, we can offer quite an adequate estimate.

The excitement for you: if you make a donation to one of our bank accounts, a piece of you will be part of this project, and you can see exactly where your money is spent on! You will find more information in the project files.

A new nursing facility for our animals

This is going to be our flagship project for this year, after all the pickups we have done this year, with the dogs in a lot of cases in very poor state, they needed hospitalization in many cases to help them gain weight and to recuperate from the various diseases they have when they arrived. So far we have been doing what we can but it is time to really start up this project, it is going to be expensive (about 35000 euro) but it is necessary, and we also need food and a lot of other things so this is going to be a project that we will do bit by bit as long as we have all the other needs covered. So if you want to get involved in this new project, you know you can make your donation to Scooby through our bank account or through PayPal, when you mark clearly "for the nursing facility". Thank you very much and we will keep you posted on the progress.

Greetings, bites and purrs, from Fermin and the whole animal gang at Scooby.

This is what we have now: Some cages opposite the clinic trailer and some inside the store room. Both not ideal .Especially not during the cold winters. We would love to have a place where they can recover in a real cozy and warm environment.

If you decide to make a donation:

  • Please use one of our bank accounts, mentioned below.
  • Narrative of the payment: your name + old dogs.
  • Please notify us by sending an e-mail to and mention your name, amount, the name of the project and the bank account you donated to.
  • This will help us to thank you, and to add your name to the list, that will be attached to the project you donated for, to show our visitors that you helped us realizing another dream.
  • For further information about your help at Scooby especially for this project, please send an e-mail to

Our bank account information is:

Nr. 0103853927
IBAN: ES29 0128 3467 71 0103853927

Baarle Hertog
Nr: 733-0462538-72
IBAN: BE38 7330 4625 3872

IBAN: NL52 RABO 0115 2462 74

For U.K. citizens, cheques can be made payable
to Greyhound Compassion and sent to:

Greyhound Compassion
PO Box 959
St. Albans

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Future Projects:

  • New animal hospital
  • New quarantine facilities for the cats
  • Brick houses for in the paddock
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