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The Scooby Farm

Bulls, not cows...

Or better said, zebu, these two specimen of cattle arrived here after the closure of the Zoo that the organisation United Parks had close to Medina. We took care of all the farm animals, and other people took care of the others, so the parkmanagers boasted they did not have to sacrifice any animal, but the thing is that the only thing they did is get rid of the animals as quickly as possible. Nobody ever came back to us later to check on what happened to the animals.

Well in any way, the end of the story is that they are here now, and I do realize just now that they still need a name, so we have to find them names. They are still very shy but slowly with the help of some apple cookies I managed to let them come a little closer and to loose their fear of people. It is strange but one of them has had a broken nose and it shifted to the right, it must be because of some accident in his early years.

So here they are, and of course as you know untill the natural end of their days. Another pair that will need to make use of your generosity, so anything you would be able to contribute in paying their costs would be much appreciated.



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