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The Scooby Farm

About Donkeys and Stupidity

Following what we told you about Scooby’s farm, today we talk about donkeys, the four legged one that is, because if we start talking about the 2-legged ones I would have enough to talk about for another year or so.

Oh well, everything started with Carlota, a female donkey that was brought to us by gypsies and in a deplorable condition. It pissed me off so much that I contacted some members of Aszal to tell them how angry I was. They as an association raise the donkeys and I did not consider this to be a good end for an animal that had served them well. In the end we came in contact with the Refugio del Burrito (little donkey refuge) and so a collaboration started between us that lasted for 3 years untill they opened their farm in Extremadura. From that moment we have our own donkeys like Sandalia and Gitana and five more that came in from Cantabria, 3 males and 2 females, including Cayenne and Pepper who are the donkeys that are up for virtual adoption.

What we did not know in the beginning is that the 2 females came in with a little present so in the beginning of the year Jaime was born, a precious little donkey, and recently Cayenne gave birth to a little male donkey that we have not named yet and he needs a name of course, so we are inviting all the visitors of our website to come up with a name for this little boy and he will be given the most popular name!

Sticking with horses, I will tell you about the two mares we have, Blanca and Estrella, Blanca came in with the gypsies that brought us Carlota, because she had a tumor in the vaginal region, inoperable but painless, and even though for a long time we have been thinking we will have to put her to sleep sometime soon, the truth is she is still there after 3 years and she is still beautiful. Estrella is another mare, that with luck was rescued from the market of Leon because of the poor condition she was in, and she was going to be killed because she was in no condition to travel. Some friends of us managed to convince the veterinarians associated with the market to let her come here and since then she has recovered beautifully. And now she is an adorable young filly full of life and strength, that fortunately has forgotten all about the hardships in her past.

And last but not least we have the ponies Remco and Roy, who are dutch and were rescued there by our friend Resy. There was no way she could keep them so she organized transport for them and now they are here, very shy at first but now they are very happy on our farm. For certain these poor animals would have ended up becoming salami in Italy but at least these two were saved from such a cruel fate.

Of course like always asking for your help, even though if in most cases I take care of these animals myself, it would not be bad to get a little help, especially with the costs of the vet, the dentist and the blacksmith, we and the animals would be very grateful!



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