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The Scooby Farm

Now about geese, ducks and other feathered friends

Apart from the animals with hair, we also have them in the feather variety. Let’s start with the geese; the first one was Leticia, she was given to me as a present about 5 years ago, and was raised between humans and until recently she came when you called. Lately she doesn’t anymore and I think she has forgotten all about her being “human”.

After that a lot of geese from the zoo arrived here and have formed a very closely united family so that when a goose has laid eggs, it is very dangerous to get close to them because all of them come to defend them and I can assure you that a peck of a goose can be very painful, I have felt them on my own body, or rather my legs! They eat absolutely everything and they move at the same time so they can protect each other and even though they can fly they are smart enough not to land in one of the dogs paddocks.

Where the ducks are concerned, most come from households, typical of a mother to buy her kid a little duckling because they look so nice and when they grow up they realize that these sweet little, but now grown things leave behind enormous “droppings” so they don’t want them in their home anymore because they think it’s dirty, smelly and unhygienic.

So they come here and when they arrive we put them apart from the others to prevent them from being attacked, we feed them, and by the time they are ready we release them in the lake zone, next to their brothers. Unfortunately there are a bit too many of the males around and that makes us having to separate the males from the females because the poor females don’t get any rest from the insatiable sexual attention they are getting! Who could say the same? Anyway, for their own physical wellbeing we have a separate patch for several of the males so they can practice complete abstinence, and I don’t know how they are doing it, but every year we are getting a new group of little ducklings, even though we are taking away the eggs of the females! Somehow there is always one too smart for us who gets away...

Besides having regular ducks, we also have French ducks, at least that is what they call them, they are black and white with red head and neck, and the main difference with them is that they don’t make any sound whatsoever. At least they don’t do the quack quack, and actually there are about 30-35 ducks of various kinds.

Continuing with the feathered kinds, we also have chickens and roosters, some found in the streets and some rescued from battery farms. They are really not the most intelligent animals but they are doing the best they can, laying an egg from time to time but I have got the impression that they would not know how to brood since they have never done it before. But at least they are happy for the rest of their days and they help demonstrate the bad treatment they are getting in the batteries when somebody comes to visit us and we explain to them how they used to live and how they are living now.

For more feathers, we come to the pigeons. We have like a rudimentary pigeon house where we put the pigeons that come here, the poor things are all crippled. If they are not missing wings, they have broken wings or feet. There are only six because we don’t want to have more and are taking away the eggs they are laying all the time. We take them away and they lay some more, it is really going on and on but they are tireless.

And last, at this moment since you never know, we have the two pheasants Lady something that are probably a protected species since they come from the Zoo in Fuengirola. A pity it’s not a pair of a male and a female since they for sure would have breeded here, and if they are protected we could have even started a project of breeding in captivity, but then again, as they are two females there is nothing we can do about it and the poor things get bored laying eggs and then some more eggs.

So this is what we mean when we talk about our feathered friends, I think that in total we have about 100 animals with wings here, and these are the others that need a little of your help so let’s see if you have anything to spare, and all these feathered ones will be very grateful and will accept anything.




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