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The Scooby Farm

Our Pigs

In a series of brief portraits I would like to introduce you to all the farm animals that make their home with us and tell you about how they came to Scooby. To start out with, the pigs.


About Donkeys and Stupidity

Everything started with Carlota, a female donkey that was brought to us by gypsies and in a deplorable condition.


BULLS, not cows...

Or better said, zebu, these two specimen of cattle arrived here after the closure of the Zoo that the organisation United Parks had close to Medina. We took care of all the farm animals, and other people took care of the others...


Scooby Farm Videos

Go on a tour of the Scooby Farm with Fermin and meet the pigs, horses, ponies, donkeys, goats, sheep, ducks, geese, chickens and other animals that call Scooby home!


Geese, ducks and feathered friends

Apart from the animals with hair, we also have them in the feather variety. Let’s start with the geese; the first one was Leticia, she was given to me as a present about 5 years ago...


Sheep, lambs, goats and...

Let’s continue our tour of farm animals and this time it’s the turn of the sheep and the goats. All started with Bonnie and Clyde, a male and female that were saved from the slaughterhouse by Hesper...


Available Dogs Scooby Farm