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The Scooby Farm

Our Pigs

In a series of brief portraits I would like to introduce you to all the farm animals that make their home with us and tell you about how they came to Scooby. To start out with, the pigs.

Our very first pig was Amparito from Valencia, who was rescued by animal welfarists in the nick of time because some heartless people were sharpening their butcher knives after having cornered her in a park. The police intervened and took Amparito to Protectora, an animal shelter, which is indeed a refuge for dogs and cats, but unfortunately not for pigs. That is why Scooby was given a call. In no time at all, Amparito settled in happily with us.

Next in line came several pot-bellied pigs given to us by a breeder in Fuentesaúco who no longer wanted them. He apparently had too many pigs to deal with and was glad to hand over the surplus. Only two pot-bellied pigs are still with us, the older ones have since died.

After a while six white pigs arrived. To be honest, I cannot remember where they came from, but I do know that they were brought to Scooby by a friend of ours who works in Saragossa. Her grandfather was ailing and could no longer keep them. In the meantime, one of the white pigs has died, leaving the other five – all of them big and beautiful to this day.

Last of all, two Iberian pigs took up residence at Scooby. They had been destined for the slaughterhouse after the farm where they had been living was liquidated. Merce learned about their impending doom and brought them to us. Nobody ever imagined that they would be adopted and I, for one, would not trust anybody not to make a meal of them. So, our Iberian pigs will be staying here in safety at Scooby for the rest of their natural life. They are, by the way, very friendly and they both love to be petted and fed apple tarts.



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