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The Scooby Farm

About sheep, lambs, goats and...

Let’s continue our tour of farm animals and this time it’s the turn of the sheep and the goats. All started with Bonnie and Clyde, a male and female that were saved from the slaughterhouse by Hesper paying the owner in cash. Then we started picking up lambs that appeared in the fields, newborn and motherless so we bottle-fed them and they grew up perfectly well. Then the Zoo in Matapozuelos near here closed and we had to take care of the farm animals, and that’s where all the black sheep, the dwarf goats and more came from, so the family started to increase dramatically. And this apart from some mistake somebody made that made the number of sheep shoot up to 25.

And I almost forgot to mention the case of our five-legged lamb which was given to me because it was certainly a special case with its fifth leg like a tail on its head. Now we have another lamb that I found the other day without its parents around nor anybody else, so here we are again bottle-feeding it, some volunteers tell me we should give them to a shepherd but of course we can’t do that since we would know what their fate would be.

As for the goats, things were a little different, the first ones arrived because I bought them and I mean, we were just robbed of 5 lambs that we raised with the bottle and that followed people around everywhere, and in a desperate attempt to find them I was going to all the farms, all cattle dealers and even to every slaughterhouse, and in one of them I found some goats and the owner asked me if I wanted them because the next day they were going to the slaughterhouse, the goats looked at me and I interpreted their look as saying: please help us, you are our last chance... And this combined with the fact that I was a bit soft-hearted because of the theft of the five lambs, I went to the bank, took out some money and paid the man what he wanted for them, castrated the two males that came with the females, but oh surprise, the females already came with a surprise gift and within a few months the family has grown. And continues to grow with the goats from the zoo so we now have about 25 goats and I hope that with your help they can stay here until the end of their days.

The truth is it is fun to walk among them knowing they will never have to go to a slaughterhouse and when they grow old and can go on no longer, they will go to sleep in a more humane way.

Till soon,



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