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Virtual Adoption

Scooby bears the responsibility for the care of many dogs, cats and other animals, year in, year out, every single day. Of course this costs a lot of money. Money that we do not receive from government or any other official channel. And at Scooby nobody has that kind of money to bear the costs for living, food, and medical care of all animals and maintenance of the premises. But, you can help by financially adopting one of our animals, we call this virtual adoption. Even if you cannot yourself, for whatever reason, take an animal into your house, you can help Scooby in this way by adopting a dog, cat, or even a donkey.

What does virtual adoption contain?

From the selection of dogs, cats or others (donkey, chicken, sheep, raccoon) on this page you can choose an animal for which you would like to contribute in the costs of its care. For this purpose we have chosen a number of animals that will most probably stay for a longer period of time at Scooby.

When you virtually adopt an animal you will receive:

  • a picture of your adoption animal by regular mail
  • an adoption certificate by regular mail
  • minimally two times per year you will receive an e-mail a new picture and news
  • lots of gratitude from the animals and the volunteers at Scooby.

Adoption is valid until further notice. Should an animal not be available anymore for virtual adoption, you will have the choice to stop the procedure or you can choose another animal. Of course you will then receive a new picture and adoption certificate.

On your own or with others

Naturally you can virtually adopt an animal with colleagues, class mates, neighbors or friends. Companies are welcome to participate as well. And of course it is possible to virtually adopt more than one animal, please do so!

Birthday present

Do you know somebody who has already everything but is crazy about animals ? You can offer this person the perfect birthday present : virtual adoption of a Scooby animal for one year ! If you virtually adopt an animal as a present, the procedure automatically stops after one year, unless of course you give the same present to the person on the next birthday. If the chosen animal is not available anymore before the year expires, you can choose another animal. You receive a new certificate and picture but naturally you don not have to pay for the remaining period.

What does it all cost?

Virtual adoption does not yet cost € 0.33 per day (0.39 US $, 0.45 CAN $, 0.23 UK £) , but to us it means an enormous relief of financial worries! Per month the adoption costs € 10 (11.78 US $, 13.76 CAN $, 6.85 UK £ ), by three monthly payment the adoption will cost you € 30 quarterly (35 US $, 41 CAN $, 21 UK £). If you pay the yearly adoption fee in one single transfer, it will only cost you 115 euro (135 US $, 158 CAN $, 79 £) and you will get a little present in addition.

Of course the yearly costs for the care of a dog or another animal are much higher than can be covered by the fee of virtual adoption. But we would like to make virtual adoption accessible to everybody and therefore we operate with these fixed low prices. Result however is that an adoption animal can have multiple adoption parents. Naturally you support all animals at Scooby with your contribution.

Once your application is received, we will contact you and and inform you about the most convenient way for you to make the donation for your virtual adoption, depending on the country you live in.

Virtually adopt a Scooby resident today!

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