URGENT Need To Re-prioritise 2019 Spending Priorities - Puppy Isolation Unit

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URGENT Need To Re-prioritise 2019 Spending Priorities - Puppy Isolation Unit



As you may know we are currently running an appeal to replace the donated wooden outdoor shelters for our rescued dogs. This is a much needed project and we have have €11,000 in the fund (the target is €25k). However it has been overtaken by a much greater need - a puppy isolation unit. We have decided to redirect the funds to this priority.

Sixty eight per cent of the dogs we rescue are puppies under one year old. Over the last couple of months the problem has been particularly acute. Fourteen came in over 2 days in June and most were fighting Parvo. Giving all of the puppies veterinary treatment and protecting them from disease is an immense uphill struggle. We have a puppy isolation unit but it is only big enough for one lactating mother and her litter. It could do with upgrading.

We have decided to take emergency measures and build a better isolation unit which will cater for the volumes of puppies rescued by the shelter. We will divert the money from the fund for the replacement outdoor shelters for this urgent need.

Some Spanish volunteers have been doing a great patch up job on the existing shelters or building new wooden ones as a stop-gap until we could raise enough for the outdoor shelters. We think it’s best to re-direct the funds to the urgent puppy need now and use the temporary shelters in the meantime. We will then have to re-launch our appeal for the shelters.

Our puppy isolation unit will be 12msq (divided into 4 sections) and we estimate that the €11,000 we have will cover the cost.




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