It is a little movie of Vida (Nalda at Scooby) the frightened Mastin which we had adopted. We adopted her in March 2006, but unfortunately we have had her only for 18 months. Vida had a hip-problem and at the end she suffered from pain and she could’t walk anymore. So we had to let her go... For us Vida was a very friendly en lovely dog, she loved to be cuddled! We still miss her everyday...

Kind Regards,

Remco Liefer & Roy Kleinlangevelsloo

Bonjour, nous les enfants nous avons fait cette vidéo a nos parents ce sont ADO adopté il y a 2 ans qui n avait qu'un numero Ensuite nous a rejoint Kyo (ex Serena) puis est arrivé Léo (ex Tornado) et notre petite dernière Saray qui a gardé son nom. Tous nos loulous viennent de sos levriers ce sont de merveilleux chiens ils vivent tous ensembles est il s'entendent a merveille.

Amicalement les Petits Jean

Britta Röhrbein, Germany

I don´t know, if Tequila (that´s how I call her now) ever had another name, Maria Jose called her "beige", we fell in love with each other during my stay at the shelter as a volunteer. Soon after I went back to Germany Resy Haanen and Beatrix Tenhaef made it possible, that I could give her a new home. Tequila is a wonderful friend, she always tries to be "the perfect dog", is very gentle and helped our traumatized Galgo to regain confidence in human beings.

And here is another video of Tequila with all of her animal family:



Qui sommes-nous?

Scooby a débuté en 1987 dans des conditions misérables par un refuge qui fournissait un toit aux chats et chiens errants ainsi qu’aux nombreux Galgos (race espagnole de Lévriers) abandonnés principalement par la confrérie des courses locales dans la région de Medina del Campo, Valladolid.


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